Ep. 18 | 1934: What a Year in Movies!

From screwball comedies to Hays-Code Law, Joe and Nathan sum up the year 1934 in a nutshell, as they looked at three films: Tarzan and His Mate, Manhattan Melodrama, and It Happened One Night.

0:00:00-0:02:48 Introduction

0:02:28-0:30:33 What We've Watched

0:30:33-0:37:34 1934 - What a Year

0:37:34-0:44:22 Tarzan and His Mate

0:44:22-0:53:35 Manhattan Melodrama

0:53:35-1:02:03 It Happened One Night

1:02:04-1:08:43 Other Movies from 1934